Welcome to our independent family funeral directors

Stacey Booth Funeral Director

Stacey is the person you want around you when you need to arrange a funeral – caring, compassionate and professional. For Stacey, the most important people will always be you, your loved one and your family. She started arranging funerals from a young age and her experience combined with her commitment to providing the best possible service – whatever that looks like for you – is the thing that drives her. She is a family-oriented person, with a partner and young daughter, and she will offer you the same care and support she would want for her own loved ones.

An interesting fact about Stacey: she loves eating anchovies and chocolate on toast

Tracey Phillips Director

If Stacey is the ‘bright young thing’ then Tracey is the ‘wise old woman’ in the business – she has worked in the caring sector for more years than she would like to remember. She conducted her first funeral back in the early 90s and quickly recognised that there was so little choice, individuality or intimacy available to families, especially for those families that don’t regularly attend a church, mosque, temple, Gurdwara or other place of worship. Tracey passionately believes that freedom of choice shouldn’t cost more money and is committed to offering the flexibility of a bespoke, yet affordable, funeral to everyone.

An interesting fact about Tracey, she loves scuba diving even though she is scared of water

Gauri Batra Director

Gauri has worked as a pathologist for over 20 years and before that she worked as an obstetrician, so she really has covered the full spectrum of life and death. Gauri is passionate about choice at every step of the way. She believes in offering people the right level of support that they need, recognising that everyone is different – some people need a lot of help and support, and others need a lighter touch, but whatever their needs, everyone deserves to be treated with the respect. Gauri is especially committed to ensuring that bereaved families are supported equally, regardless of their race, religion or culture.

An interesting fact about Gauri, she can speak five languages and learnt to practice yoga as a 4 year old.

Reece Walsh Mortuary and Logistics Manager

Reece is Stacey’s brother and he has been working in funeral support for several years. Like his sister, he is professional, family-oriented and caring. Reece runs our chapel mortuary and may be the first person you meet if your loved one has passed. He will ensure that those difficult and often confusing first few hours are handled with the care, compassion and professionalism you would expect.

An interesting fact about Reece, he is a detectorist and spends his spare time looking for buried treasure

Sigi Phillips Community Engagement Manager

Sigi is one of those people who always looks after people. She is involved in all areas of the business, helping to arrange funerals, providing support behind the scenes and being an extra pair of hands when needed. At Remembrance we believe in being a genuine part of the local community and helping to improve. Sigi leads on community engagement and runs our Death Cafes and Coffin Clubs, which are designed to encourage healthy conversations around death and to help people to take of control of how they have their last goodbye.

An interesting fact about Sigi, she used to live in Buenos Aires and loves all things Latina

Our Values

At Remembrance, what we do, why we do it and how we do it, are all underpinned by values and behaviours that we genuinely believe in and strive to adhere to:


We always communicate openly and honestly. We are committed to delivering genuine, caring funerals that reflect the person’s life, family, friends and community. We are always accountable for our actions, and we genuinely care about assisting people in whatever we can.


We are always inclusive, not exclusive. We embrace you for who you are; welcoming and valuing everyone for their diversity of beliefs, age, sexuality, gender, ability, experience, heritage and culture. We always accomplish greater things, together.


Death is one of the most challenging and vulnerable times for families. We always behave in an ethical manner. We endeavour to be leaders and encourage confidence that in these difficult times we will strive to create the best experience possible. We do as we say we will do.


We always try to contribute positively to a healing experience, beginning with planning the right goodbye for your loved one. We offer families, empathy, love and compassion, and aim to create a safe environment for the healing process to flourish.


We ensure every funeral is affordable. We seek to understand every family’s situation, working with them to deliver a personalised funeral and a beneficial, outcome, within their budget.


We are an open book. We are honest, clear and specific, always communicating in a kind, respectful manner. We work towards removing the stigmas and taboos surrounding talking openly about death.


We are committed to changing the way funerals are created and delivered, for the better. We inspire creativity, by listening to and collaborating with you, and seeking out and harnessing positive influences. Every funeral is individual, and collectively, we collaborate to create better experiences.


We are committed to being good neighbours and active members of the local community. We have a welcoming open-door policy to encourage use of our building as one that ‘celebrates life’. We work to encourage people to take active control over planning their own funeral and aim to enrich people’s lives in the meantime. 

Our Community    

Here for you, in life and in death….

Whilst we are very good at caring for families when a loved one dies and organising personalised, creative and affordable funerals, we are also very focussed on the people in our community.

As Robert Frost said, In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: It goes on.”

We are here to support you when someone dies and we are also here to support you in any other way we can too.

Community Space

We have beautiful premises, and we are passionate about ensuring they are used to enhance the lives of our local community.

We offer the space for use by local groups – we don’t charge a fee; we ask only for a small donation to our Remembrance Fund.

Remembrance Fund

We have our own fund which is used to ensure that people can have a special and caring ‘goodbye’ for their loved one, regardless of their financial situation.

Tameside South & Longdendale Foodbank

We are a drop off point for Tameside South & Longdendale Foodbank.

Please feel free to drop off your donations. Our news & events page will give guidance on what is in shorter supply this week, click here to find out more.

Haywill animal rescue and therapy centre

We are a drop off point for Haywill animal rescue and therapy centre, collecting dog and cat food which is used by the animal shelter.
Our news & events page will give guidance on what is in shorter supply this week, click here to find out more.

Coffin Club GM

Remembrance are affiliates of Coffin Club UK. Our Community Engagement Manager, Sigi organises and hosts Coffin Club GM events throughout the Greater Manchester area. To find out more about Coffin Clubs and when and where events are being held and how to get involved, click here

Death Café

A Death Cafe is a safe space designed to give people an opportunity to discuss death in a positive way, and break down the taboos and fears surrounding the topic.
Whilst it has no set agenda, please note that it is not a grief or bereavement support counselling session. Remembrance is a supporter of the Death Café movement and hosts regular Death Café events. To find out about when and where Death Cafes are being held and details of how to get involved, click here


Our bright and beautiful premises are situated in Hyde and we provide our services for families all over Greater Manchester and surrounding Glossop. Many families choose to use us, even when we aren’t the closest funeral director to them because they have previously experienced the amazing care and support from Stacey, or they have been recommended by other families that have used us. You can still use our services, even if we aren’t on your doorstep and if it helps, we can collect you to visit and spend time with your loved one in our Remembrance Room. Wherever you live, we are a caring, professional and customer-focussed team and we will always be as accessible to you as if we were just round the corner from you.

Our premises have full disabled access, free parking and are monitored by Verisure responsive security.


Remembrance Community Funeral Services

4 Valley Parade
Hattersley Road West
SK14 3FL

Tel: 0161 637 0304 (24 Hours)