Welcome to our independent family funeral directors

Welcome to Remembrance Community Funeral Services.

I started working in the ‘funeral industry’ in 2014 and since then, I have supported over 1000 families, helping them to arrange a personalised funeral for their loved one.

Whilst having a healthy respect for tradition, I soon came to realise that for many bereaved families the traditional style funeral homes can be quite intimidating, especially when a loved one has died and they are at their most vulnerable. Most people only visit a funeral home when someone has died and few people have given a lot of thought and planning as to what kind of funeral they would like. The focus of a funeral business is too often on price – funerals can be very expensive – rather than on creating a personalised experience that reflects the life, beliefs and values of the person who has passed.

Having spent several years working for a large funeral business, I relished the freedom to run my own business, in my way, where the focus is on supporting people in life and in death.

Hence, in 2021 I opened Remembrance Community Funeral Services, supported by my brother Reece, who also has several years of experience within the funeral industry, and other family, friends and colleagues.

Our first aim was to change the way that funeral homes are perceived, hence we chose a beautiful, welcoming colour scheme for our space, which we have opened up for use by the community. We want our funeral home to be a place that truly celebrates life and is welcoming and comforting to everyone who visits.

We want to make funerals more affordable, without people having to compromise on quality, hence we have looked at creative ways that a personalised funeral can be arranged without incurring a huge bill.

Death is something that will affect all of us at some time, yet it is something that remains a taboo subject, with many people feeling uncomfortable talking about it. It is no surprise therefore, that when we are in the sad position of having to arrange a funeral, we don’t know what is involved. A funeral director is often the first point of contact and we rely on what we are told – at such a vulnerable time it is easy to be led towards a traditional funeral package as most people don’t know what the full range of options are. How many of us would know that you don’t even need a funeral director to organise a funeral?

In contrast, people are increasingly creative around arranging weddings, with marriage services taking place in all kinds of venues and wedding receptions that are all as different as the couple getting married. Yet many of the same people do not realise that there are no hard and fast rules about what a funeral should be. For some people, a traditional funeral is what they expect but for other people, especially those who do not have religious beliefs, a more personal and relaxed funeral might be more suitable.

At Remembrance, we do not believe there are any rights and wrongs in terms of the type of funeral you choose – we can offer a traditional-style funeral, complete with the formal FD clothing and ceremony that accompanies it, or we can offer you ways to focus on remembering your loved one in a way that truly reflects their personality, beliefs and values. This might mean arranging a much simpler, low-key affair, planning an eco-friendly funeral or creating a spectacular goodbye. Whatever you would like to arrange, we will support you without any pressure to spend money unnecessarily or to do things in a certain way. I set up Remembrance to be a supportive, enabling, safe place for you when you are feeling vulnerable and sad. A place where you should never feel pressured into anything. Whilst we can’t take away the pain and hurt when your loved one dies, we can help to make things easier for you.

I also want Remembrance to be an open, welcoming place for you to visit at other times, whether that is to get involved with us in community work, join us at a coffee morning to meet other people, help us with our charitable fundraising or to just come and have chat when you are passing by. I have trained as a digital health champion and I am always here to help you out with accessing health services and navigating the social media world. The role of a health champion is to help all generations of people learn how to use online resources such as online shopping, booking online appointments, ordering prescriptions, and keeping in touch with family and friends through social media. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become increasingly isolated from the outside world which has resulted in a huge decline in their health. Research has shown that loneliness is a key factor in deteriorating health and wellbeing, it is becoming an epidemic – loneliness is on its way to becoming Britain’s most lethal condition. It breaks my heart when I hear stories of people becoming so isolated and lonely – that is why I want our Remembrance space to be an open, safe and inviting place where people can reach out to us anytime.

People have asked me why my business is called a Community Funeral Service – what is different about Remembrance compared to other funeral businesses? I am proud to say that I am passionate about the ethos of Remembrance being “here for you, in life and in death…”  This is an ethos that everyone at Remembrance lives by everyday, and is the foundation for us being a community funeral service. We are here to serve the community in whatever way we can – not just by doing the usual things but by seeking out opportunities to help in other ways, even if some of these are as simple as offering a cup of tea, biscuit and a listening ear to someone who could be struggling.

Whilst our funeral home is based in Tameside, we serve families throughout Greater Manchester and offer a free pick-up service to ensure that distance isn’t a barrier to getting to know us. The Remembrance team all live in different areas and we are always looking at ways to get more involved across the wider GM communities – community is about more than just geography!

I am keen to hear any feedback or suggestions you might have about how we can make Remembrance an even better community funeral service and look forward to meeting you all at some point.


Stacey x

Stacey Booth
Funeral Director

Tel: 0161 637 0304
Email: stacey@remembrance.co.uk

Stacey and the Remembrance team are proud to work in collaboration with Smaran Asian Funeral Services and Dr Gauri Batra.

Dr Gauri Batra
Reece Walsh

Reece Walsh

Mortuary and Logistics Manager

Reece is Stacey’s brother and he has been working in funeral support for several years. Like his sister, he is professional, family-oriented and caring. Reece runs our chapel mortuary and may be the first person you meet if your loved one has passed. He will ensure that those difficult and often confusing first few hours are handled with the care, compassion and professionalism you would expect.

An interesting fact about Reece, he is a detectorist and spends his spare time looking for buried treasure

Our premises

Our bright and beautiful premises are accessible to everyone, regardless of where you live, as we offer home visits and a free pick-up service for people wanting to visit us to make arrangements or spend time with their loved one, whilst they are in our care.


Remembrance and Smaran offer services to people throughout Greater Manchester and surrounding Glossop. Our team live across the whole of this area, and many families choose to use us, even when we aren’t the closest funeral director to them because they have previously experienced the amazing care and support from Stacey, or they have been recommended by other families that have used us. You can still use our services, even if we aren’t on your doorstep, and benefit from our personalised, fair-priced funerals.

We will happily meet you at your home to sort out the funeral arrangements, and it helps, we can collect you to visit and spend time with your loved one in our Remembrance Room. Wherever you live, we are a caring, professional and customer-focussed team and we will always be as accessible to you as if we were just round the corner from you.

Our premises have full disabled access, free parking and are monitored by Verisure responsive security.

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