What is Coffin Club?

Coffin Club UK is a nationwide organisation focused on educating people on how to take control of their own death.

The main goal is to facilitate and empower participants and attendees to grab the reins in regards to making their own funeral arrangements as early as possible, regardless of their personal situation. With so many families left not knowing their loved ones’ final wishes, Coffin Club strives to create awareness and education on how anyone can make sure their final demands are met.

Coffin Club Greater Manchester

We are happy to announce the first of our Coffin Club Greater Manchester launch events!
We will be hosting our first-ever Greater Manchester Coffin Club event at Cafe POP, Hyde Tameside on Saturday 14th May 2022 from 2:30pm – 6pm!
We have invited various professionals who work in the field of funerals and death, to deliver talks and Q&A sessions, giving their personal insight into their role within the funeral industry.
This is going to be an interesting, informative, relaxed event where you can learn about what to do when someone dies and discover what is involved in arranging a funeral before deciding on your own final wishes. You may simply be curious about what goes on behind the scenes when someone passes away. Whatever your reasons, why not come and join us in the funeral revolution! Come along with family and friends, it is an opportunity to learn about those things that are rarely talked about in a safe, supportive and hopefully fun and sociable environment.
If you can’t make it this time around, not to worry! Please like/follow our pages on Facebook,Twitter& Instagram for more updates about Coffin Club Greater Manchester sessions and workshops near you!
Coffin Club Greater Manchester will be delivering our launch sessions all over the Greater Manchester area throughout the year, with workshops, tours and more sessions planned for 2023!