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Culture & Religion

The Remembrance Team provides a very personal service that includes taking time to gain an understanding of you and your family’s values and beliefs, and what is important to you. We work closely with you to create a funeral that reflects your loved one’s unique personality.

We can arrange traditional, green or alternatively themed funerals – whatever you would like, we will try and make it happen.
Whether you would like a motorcycle funeral, a football funeral, a burial at sea or even a Viking funeral, we will work with you to create the funeral that is right for you and your loved one.

We understand that different cultures and faiths bring with them their own, often unique, requirements, and we work closely with a variety of ministers, priests, faith leaders and community leaders from all faiths. For those with no faith, we have Humanist, civil and non-religious funeral leaders available. We can even support and advise you on leading the ceremony yourself. 

We are able to offer a choice of religious and non-religious venues for a funeral ceremony. As a Community Funeral Business, we work with partners throughout the local and wider community;
this puts us in a unique position of being able to cater to everyone, knowing that we are supported by friends and partners. 

Whatever your religious, spiritual or cultural requirements, you will find the Remembrance Team to be respectful, supportive, responsive, knowledgeable, informative and professional in everything we do – our focus is always to support and assist you to create a funeral that is right for you.


Rainbow Funerals

Of course, whilst faith and culture need to be considered when planning your loved one’s funeral, it is important to look more holistically and remember that the most important thing is the person themself – who were they, what mattered to them, how did they live their life and how would they like to be remembered. This might be different for some people, however, a funeral is often the final opportunity for someone to be true to themselves and for families to be true to their loved one.

The Remembrance Team are all committed LGBTQ allies – we all have family members and good friends within the community. We are ready to support you and help you to arrange a funeral that truly celebrates the life of your loved one, however you would like that to be – we can help to arrange any kind of funeral from a traditional religious goodbye, a Humanist goodbye or even a send-off with a well-known drag queen officiating as celebrant. Whatever is right for you and your loved one, we can make it happen and we will support and care for you throughout the whole funeral process. We are happy to meet with and talk through how you would like to celebrate your loved one’s life and make their goodbye as special as them. We will work create the right funeral for you. Here are some resources that might prove helpful.

Bereavement | Stonewall

Trans Death Rights Are Human Rights | The Order of the Good Death

The charity Age UK offers an excellent range of projects, support groups an resources for older LBGTQ+ people: Advice for LGBT older people | Age UK

Ash Hayhurst has written some useful guidance: A5 Copy of queer funeral guide (

Our premises

Our bright and beautiful premises are accessible to everyone, regardless of where you live, as we offer home visits and a free pick-up service for people wanting to visit us to make arrangements or spend time with their loved one, whilst they are in our care.


Remembrance and Smaran offer services to people throughout Greater Manchester and surrounding Glossop. Our team live across the whole of this area, and many families choose to use us, even when we aren’t the closest funeral director to them because they have previously experienced the amazing care and support from Stacey, or they have been recommended by other families that have used us. You can still use our services, even if we aren’t on your doorstep, and benefit from our personalised, fair-priced funerals.

We will happily meet you at your home to sort out the funeral arrangements, and it helps, we can collect you to visit and spend time with your loved one in our Remembrance Room. Wherever you live, we are a caring, professional and customer-focussed team and we will always be as accessible to you as if we were just round the corner from you.

Our premises have full disabled access, free parking and are monitored by Verisure responsive security.

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