How to pre-pay and plan your own funeral

Why plan your own funeral?

As Benjamin Franklin said, “The Only Two Certainties In Life Are Death And Taxes”. That being the case, it makes sense to plan for the inevitable.

Funeral arrangements usually fall to your loved ones, and this will be a very challenging time for them, when they are grieving and feeling vulnerable. It is often easier for a family to arrange a funeral if they know what their loved wanted. Talking to your family about the type of funeral you would like and leaving written instructions that they can refer to in the event of your death will make things easier for them at an already difficult time.

Similarly, making advance arrangements to cover the cost of the funeral you would like will also make things easier for the person having to arrange your funeral when you have passed.

One of the ways of preparing financially for your funeral is to take out a Funeral Plan.

Remembrance accepts funeral plans from most FPA registered funeral plan providers.

Whether you have an existing plan or are looking to take out a new plan, our staff at Remembrance are able to meet with you to discuss the kind of funeral you would like and advise on the funeral plan options available. As part of this meeting, we discuss with you what happens when you die and help you to choose the type of funeral that is right for you, when the time comes. Arranging your own funeral and setting up a funeral plan to cover the costs can be an empowering thing to do and makes things much easier for your loved ones.

Remembrance can help you to choose from a range of different funeral plans, according to your requirements. We will never pressure you into taking out a plan with a particular funeral plan provider.


How do I plan my own funeral?

To help people talk about funerals and understand what is involved, we occasionally hold funeral planning coffee mornings, where people can come along and enjoy a cuppa and learn more about planning a funeral, however, you don’t have to wait for the next event, if you would like to learn more, please just pop in and speak to Stacey or Sigi – they will be happy to help. We offer one to one meetings to explain and discuss all of your options with you, and then give you the space and time to decide what is right for you.


Remembrance is a supporter of Death Cafes and Coffin Clubs, which might be of interest to you. These are great ways you can met with other people to learn more about planning for and taking control of your own funerals. Click to learn more about Death Cafes and Coffin Club Greater Manchester  

There are a number of independent resources you can refer to learn more about funeral plans and planning your own funeral. We have included the link here to Age UK if you would like to read more:

Planning for your funeral (

Further advice and guidance is available from:

Down to Earth | 

Quaker Social Action can provide advice and assistance is you are struggling with funeral costs.

Please Note: Funeral plans are not currently regulated but they will be from 29 July 2022

However, whilst prepaid funeral plans aren’t currently regulated, the Financial Conduct Authority will start regulating firms that provide and arrange pre-paid funeral plans from 29 July 2022.

Until then, if you’re buying a plan, make sure the provider is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). The FPA provides non-compulsory regulation, where providers that sign up have to adhere to certain rules and a code of practice.

Remembrance only offers funeral plans from providers that are registered with the Funeral Planning Authority.


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