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How is a funeral priced? What makes up the charges?

There are different elements that make up the price of a funeral:

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Statutory costs

These are the costs that everyone has to pay, regardless of whether you have a small, intimate funeral or a larger more elaborate affair. These costs are not charged by Remembrance, they are charged by other people and organisations such as the doctor, crematorium, and local authority.

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Remembrance funeral director fees

These comprise our Professional Service fees (£300) and fees for the Care and Collection of Your Love One (£390). These costs cover bringing your loved one into our care, meeting with you to talk through what type of funeral you might like, care of your loved one (including washing, dressing and other preparations), making the funeral arrangements for your preferred goodbye, liaising with all other third parties on your behalf and welcoming family visits with your loved one in our Remembrance Room during our office hours, We will provide a clear breakdown of costs for everything else that makes up the cost of the funeral. Third party costs (disbursements) are outside of our control.

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Coffin choice

We offer a broad range of coffins to suit whatever you prefer, including simple oak veneer, cardboard, picture, glitter, solid wood and eco-friendly options such as willow, wool and shrouds. Whatever you would like we will find a way to source it. We have coffins that can be personalised however you choose – they can be wrapped or decorated in a picture of your choice and engraved, etched or accessorised with personal mementoes that reflect your loved one’s personality, profession or hobbies and interests. You can even decorate the coffin yourselves, if you wish to.

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what kind of hearse, if any, you would prefer usually depends on the type of goodbye you have chosen. Many people choose a traditional style hearse to carry their loved one, but other options are available. We can offer a wide range of hearses from traditional black hearse, horse and carriage, motorbike hearses, Landrover hearses, Only Fools and Horses hearses, leopard print hearses, white hearses and even specially decorated hearses for veterans of the armed fores – whatever you want, we will try to provide it. If you prefer something much lower key then we can offer a simpler hearsette option.

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Burial or cremation

The cost of burial and cremation vary depending on your choices and needs.

Burial costs depend on whether you already have a grave, are adding to an existing grave or are purchasing a new grave. There are fees associated with buying the burial plot and preparing the grave and burial arrangements on the day of the funeral. Headstones and memorials are additional costs to be considered at a later stage.

Cremation costs depend on which crematorium you choose to use – different local authorities and private crematoriums charge different prices. Cremation costs also vary depending on whether you want to hold a service at the crematorium. Some families choose to have a funeral service elsewhere followed by another short committal service at the crematorium, others prefer to hold a service at the crematorium, others prefer to have a service elsewhere and not attend the crematorium and others prefer to not attend the crematorium but to have a memorial service later, often scattering their loved one’s ashes as part of this. There are no rights and wrongs as to what you choose.

Natural burial in a woodland setting or burial at sea are also is also options that we can offer.

Discretionary things you choose

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This is the process whereby a body is preserved to slow down the natural process after your loved one passes away. The embalming process can help by making the person appear restful, achieving a natural and comforting lasting image of your loved one. There is no legal requirement to embalm someone, unless the body is being sent abroad however, it is sometimes recommended if the funeral isn’t due to take place right away. This allows you more time to visit your loved one in the chapel of rest or bring them home before the funeral. Also, it gives families who need to travel for the funeral the chance to visit them in the chapel of rest. Embalming can also help those who are undecided about whether to visit or not and need more time to consider this. If you would like a natural woodland burial for your loved one then embalming is not allowed. There is no pressure from Remembrance to embalm your loved one and whenever possible, we will still offer you the opportunity to visit and spend time with them in our Remembrance Room, regardless of what you choose.

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there really is so much choice here and there are no right or wrong choices. Many people don’t realise that you can hold a funeral service at any location or venue in the UK. Whilst services are commonly held in religious buildings or crematoriums, this doesn’t mean they can’t be held elsewhere. Services don’t have to take place in a religious building or crematorium. Unlike weddings, you don’t need to have a special licence, so it could take place in your home or garden, a village hall or at a private venue such as a function room. ​ We also offer our Remembrance premises to hold services for small groups of up to 14 people.

By separating the Service from the actual Cremation or Burial, families can have more time, more flexibility and a far more personal funeral that truly honours and reflects the life of the person who has died.

Many families who choose this option find it a far more pleasant and less stressful experience.

We have helped families create beautiful funerals in lots of different places, and it can actually work out cheaper than having the service at the crematorium or in church. By choosing to have a Service away from the crematorium and leaving us to arrange a direct cremation afterwards, it’s possible to significantly lower the cost of the funeral, which if wanted, can then be used to pay for other things like the flowers, catering or a piece of keepsake jewellery.

The actual cremation still takes place at the crematorium and a burial takes place at the cemetery, but the Service can be held anywhere, either before with the coffin present or afterwards without the coffin, perhaps choosing to have the funeral with the ashes in place of the coffin. It’s your choice.

Many families find this a preferred option as:

  • The venues are often far more attractive and personal than crematorium chapels
  • You can have as much time as you want, not just the 30 minutes or so allowed at a crematorium
  • Timings can be far more flexible than at a religious building or crematorium
  • You can include additional elements into the service, such as more music and invite greater participation from guests
  • Many people don’t want a religious funeral as they don’t follow a particular faith
  • You often get exclusive use of the venue and may be able to decorate and
    personalise the venue to suit your needs
  • You can have both the service and refreshments at the same place
  • You could combine a scattering of ashes with a memorial service.
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    A Celebrant is someone who carries out the funeral service. Traditionally, this would be religious leader such as a priest, but many people now choose not to have a religious/faith-based funeral service and instead they prefer to use a Civil Celebrant to lead the service. There are many Celebrants available and who you choose is a personal choice. Remembrance can recommend suitable Celebrants based on the type of funeral you are looking to arrange. Of course, there is no requirement to use a Celebrant. It is perfectly acceptable for family and friends to design and carry out the funeral service, and Remembrance can always help you do this. There are no rights and wrongs – Remembrance is focussed on always supporting you to have the funeral service that is right for you.


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    Green funerals and natural burial

    More people are becoming increasingly concerned about the impact that they have on the world we live in and may wish to have a “green” funeral. A green funeral can include anything from choosing a natural burial in a designated woodland area, whereas others may simply wish to incorporate some environmentally friendly elements.

    Burial, compared to cremation, is a greener choice (as it avoids the mercury, dioxin and carbon monoxide emissions associated with cremation), and burial closer to the surface (such as in a natural burial ground) means that decomposition becomes aerobic and is more beneficial.
    Choosing a coffin made from biodegradable materials (such as cardboard, willow, wool or bamboo) is a common way to minimise your impact on the environment, however, it is also important to know how far these coffins have travelled – it may be more eco-friendly to choose a different locally manufactured coffin.

    If you would prefer a wooden (or wood-effect) coffin, then there are still greener choices such as locally sourced hardwoods like oak or cherry and softwoods like pine. Manufacturers will be able to advise where the wood has been grown and whether it is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) registered.

    Of course, contrary to popular belief, you do not have to use a coffin at all. Alternatives, such as a material shroud are an increasingly popular and green choice. We at Remembrance are able to discuss a range of eco-friendly options with you.

    In addition to choosing whether to have cremation, traditional burial or natural burial, there are other factors you may wish to consider in trying to minimise the environmental impact of the funeral and making greener choices. For example:

    • you may wish to consider how far your loved one and the mourners travel, and the type of fuel used in transportation. Mourners can be encouraged to share cars or travel together in a larger vehicle.
    • Avoid embalming to ensure that formaldehyde does not leak into the ground after burial. Natural burial grounds do not accept bodies that have been embalmed.
    • Ensure that flowers are sourced locally, or handpicked from your own or your loved one’s garden.
    • In place of buying fresh flowers, you could rent synthetic flower arrangements and wreaths.
    • Avoid use of cellophane and only use natural materials in floral arrangements.
    • Minimise the use of funeral stationary and ensure that any paper used is recycled
    • Choose a memorial location which you can visit without having to travel far by car

    At Remembrance, we are very conscious of minimising our own environmental impact and we are able to help you plan a greener funeral.

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    Newspaper announcement

    It is your choice whether you want to place an obituary or funeral notice in a local newspaper. We provide a Much Loved Tribute page free of charge and will make Facebook obituary and funeral announcements on your behalf to local FB groups, free of charge.

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    You can choose to have floral tributes and these could be natural flowers, rented silk flowers or even flowers picked from your own garden or that of your loved one. Some people choose not to have any floral tributes and often ask for charitable donations instead.

    Our premises

    Our bright and beautiful premises are accessible to everyone, regardless of where you live, as we offer home visits and a free pick-up service for people wanting to visit us to make arrangements or spend time with their loved one, whilst they are in our care.


    Remembrance and Smaran offer services to people throughout Greater Manchester and surrounding Glossop. Our team live across the whole of this area, and many families choose to use us, even when we aren’t the closest funeral director to them because they have previously experienced the amazing care and support from Stacey, or they have been recommended by other families that have used us. You can still use our services, even if we aren’t on your doorstep, and benefit from our personalised, fair-priced funerals.

    We will happily meet you at your home to sort out the funeral arrangements, and it helps, we can collect you to visit and spend time with your loved one in our Remembrance Room. Wherever you live, we are a caring, professional and customer-focussed team and we will always be as accessible to you as if we were just round the corner from you.

    Our premises have full disabled access, free parking and are monitored by Verisure responsive security.

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