With so many funeral businesses offering their services, families might ask, why should I choose Remembrance? There is so much to think about when choosing a funeral director, we thought it might be useful to answer some of your likely questions.
Is Remembrance an independent business or part of a large chain?
Led by Stacey Booth, Remembrance is a truly independent, family business, with a diverse team of professionals committed to making a difference. We have a fresh, caring, modern approach to arranging personalised funerals combined with a healthy respect for traditional values. We are also committed to supporting the communities we are part of and doing everything we can to empower people in life, and in death.
What is your ethos?
As a values-led business, what we do, why we do it and how we do it, are all underpinned by values and behaviours that we genuinely believe in and strive to adhere to. Our values and commitments are published very clearly on our website. We have a caring, supportive, no-pressure, transparent approach to everything we do and are committed to helping people create a funeral that is right for them.
You aren’t the nearest funeral business, can we still use you?
It doesn’t matter where you live, you can still use Remembrance to arrange your loved one’s goodbye. We offer a free pick-up service for families who wish to visit their loved one in our Remembrance Room and we can come to you to discuss and plan the funeral arrangements. If you prefer to discuss funeral arrangements in our funeral home then we offer a pick-up service to bring you to meet with us.
What are your premises like? Is your building easy to access?
Everyone who visits us tells us how beautiful and welcoming our premises are. The building is fully accessible by wheelchair and we welcome guide dogs and other assistance animals. We also have disabled bathroom access. There is plenty of free parking.
How much do your funerals cost?
At Remembrance, we provide the highest quality services available, at an affordable price for everyone. We will never compromise on the quality of the services we provide; regardless of your budget – everyone receives our full support, care and attention to detail.
Our funeral packages start from just £950 for a simpler, unattended funeral and our complete Remembering You package is only £2,300.
Do you offer any assistance to people who are struggling with funeral costs?
We can help you to create a personalised funeral without incurring huge costs. Our Remembrance Fund is also available for families struggling financially during their time of bereavement who wish to add additional touches to their loved one’s send-off.
Can you host the funeral?
We offer on-site funeral service options within our premises. There really is so much choice as to where you can hold the funeral service of your loved one and there are no right or wrong choices. Many people don’t realise that you can hold a funeral service at any location or venue in the UK. Whilst services are commonly held in religious buildings or crematoriums, this doesn’t mean they can’t be held elsewhere. We offer our Remembrance premises to hold services for small gatherings of up to 14 people. It is an ideal place to have an intimate and personal funeral service for your loved one.
What if some family and friends can’t make it to the service?
We offer a free live streaming service for family and friends who can’t make it to the funeral.
Where would my loved one be kept?
We have our own professional mortuary facility. You can rest assured that before moving to our Remembrance Room where you can spend unlimited time with them, your loved one will have their own space in one of our professional medical-grade mortuary fridges, with access restricted to Remembrance personnel only. They will receive 24-hour care in our secure, Verisure protected premises.
Do you offer eco-friendly funerals?
Remembrance is committed to reducing our carbon front, protecting the environment and doing whatever we can to make all funerals more eco-friendly. As part of our environmental commitments, Remembrance will arrange for a memorial tree to be planted in dedication to anyone we arrange a funeral for and a dedication certificate will be provided for their family.
What do you do to help the wider community?
We have beautiful premises, and we are passionate about ensuring they are used to enhance the lives of our local community. We offer our ‘community space’ for use by local groups – we don’t charge a fee; we ask only for a small donation to our Remembrance Fund. We are a donation drop-off point for Tameside South and Longdendale Foodbank and Haywill Animal Rescue. We are also part of the Digital Health Champion project volunteer network! The project helps those who are digitally excluded access the online world, by providing equipment and/or digital skills training via a network of Digital Champion volunteers. We also regularly raise funds for local charities and sponsor local community events.

Do you offer any other services to help people plan for their funeral in advance?
Remembrance offer a free funeral planning service and can meet with you on a one to one basis to discuss all of the funeral planning options available. We hold regular drop-in sessions and also sponsor the Greater Manchester Coffin Club, which is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at empowering people to plan their own funeral in their own terms.
How do I learn more about Remembrance? When are you open?
If you would like to find out more information about us, take a look at our website, give us a call or pop in during opening hours for a chat and a coffee. Our team will be more than happy to sit down and help you with any queries you may have.
We provide a 24-hour emergency collection support service accessible by phone. 
Our opening hours for enquiries, drop-ins and appointments are Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. We can also arrange to visit you at your home, if that is more convenient.